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Our Vision

At Elsenham House we aim to provide fully integrated residential mental health care in a safe and secure setting. We do this in a manner that challenges the traditional view of this service, primarily as a reactive service of containment, towards a more dynamic view of residential care as an eclectic therapeutic community. Our underlying philosophy is that every individual has unique needs. We see our role in terms of helping, supporting and empowering clients to progress to increasing levels of independent living.


10 Pillars of Belief At Elsenham House :

1. That all persons have the right to be treated with respect, dignity and as unique individuals.

2. That both personal and community responsibility should be encouraged in all residents but that overall, the common welfare always comes first.

3. That there are no "hopeless cases" but that everybody has the potential to develop towards greater levels of independent/semi-independent living.

4. That in caring for the individual we must embrace not only their physical and mental needs but also their spiritual ones.

5. That proactive care plans provide the vehicle through which individual progress can be maintained.

6. That optimal synergy of care is only obtained when the concept of partnership is well developed in both practice and principle.

7. That the opportunity of providing residential care should be seen as a dynamic developmental process, not something that is static.

8. Effective residential communities thrive when principles are considered more important than personalities.

9. That in our work, we should always seek to add value by exceeding the benchmarks of best practice.

10. That a total quality approach should be inherent in all aspects of how we work.