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Sponsoring Agencies

Elsenham House is pleased to accept enquiries from any bona-fide organisation which intends to place an individual into a therapeutic residential environment. This would include probation or social service departments, local authorities, health services and other statutory agencies. It sometimes includes residential establishments.

At Elsenham House we welcome the opportunity to show interested agencies around the home, without any obligation, as well as giving them the chance to talk to members of our staff or current residents. Alternatively our staff would be delighted to meet with other professionals in order to fully acquaint them with the support we provide.

Accessing Elsenham House

Once interest has been expressed, Elsenham House will arrange to interview the client in order to assess suitability and to answer any questions that the client may have. If appropriate, a visit to Elsenham House can then be arranged in order that the potential client can look around and interact with other residents.

At this point the potential service user would be given a copy of our specific terms and conditions; this document forms the legal contract between Elsenham House and the client.

If the client (and the funding body) then wished to proceed, we would then discuss details of fees and availability of specific accommodation. Usually our accommodation is fully booked; therefore a small waiting list is maintained.

Fee Structure

There is no simple formula in calculating fees, a specific fee quotation is provided once the extent of the required services is fully assessed. However, the overriding principle is that the fees stand in direct correlation with the services provided.

On Arrival

Once the client has arrived at Elsenham House we will arrange a week of induction. During this time we shall fully acclimatise him/her to the home as well as start the process of putting together their individual care plan. As this is seen as a critical part of the absorption process, Elsenham House will facilitate their rapid integration with other residents through our own unique "buddy" system.